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Mother Brought Home An Aband0ned Bear Cub And Raised It As Part Of Family (25 Pics)

You would certainly believe, as a single mommy elevating 2 youngsters in a woodland shack, that Velga Vitola would already have her hands complete.

As a matter of fact, she has discovered a third youngster to mom in the form of a child brownish bear names Ilzite.

The self-confessed pet fan made a residence for the orphaned bear cub where it would consistently have fun with the youngsters, participate on family members walks as well as even sleep in the same bed as Velga.

She and also her family all relate to the wild bear cub as a sibling, she states, ‘I elevated 3 youngsters– a kid, a child, and a bear.’

Velga discovered her cherished Ilzite in the forest surrounding her house, he was with one more abandoned bear cub, she chose them up and took her back to her shack.

‘ Both my bears grew up in your home. They woke my children up for college every morning,’ she claimed.

However however, one of the cubs later died, however Ilzite grew as well as established a solid bond with the family members, specifically Velga.

‘ She loves to provide me, her mum, a kiss– any other human would certainly shed their head if they tried it.

‘ We simply like each other,’ she included.

Velga thinks Ilzite believes he is a human being instead of a bear.

‘ Once she saw her reflection in the window. It sounded like rumbling, she was roaring so noisally due to the fact that she thought she resembled me– her mum,’ she claimed.

Velga has actually been dubbed as ‘the mom of all pets’ because of all the wild creatures she has raised, including hedgehogs, elk and more:

‘ As soon as I awakened due to the fact that a set of wild geese were in my bedroom’

‘ This is the area of my happiest moments. Every one of those minutes have to do with pets. I feel like this is my place on the planet.’

Ilzite at some point expanded as well large to live in the household house, yet he is still considered as part of the family members.

Velga still routinely goes on walks with the bear, and also their link is still there as well as stronger than ever.

‘ Once we both went for a stroll along the wild boars room, she was only one years of age at the time and hesitated of them,’ Ms Vitola stated.

‘ She holds on to my legs as well as began to grumble at them. She felt secure since her mum existed. I told her: “You crazy bear, I will be the initial to run.”‘.

‘ I require those minutes, the bear kisses and hugs to feel happy and cost-free. People can be two-faced, yet when a pet considers you he is only himself.’.

‘ We can learn a whole lot from them.’.

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