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Incredible Moment A Stag Sn3aks Up Behind A Clueless Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife digital photography needs a lot of persistence to get the perfect shot.

This is the moment an awesome picture was taken of a stag in the wild among a thick carpet of ferns.

Unfortunately, not all the photographers out that day obtained so fortunate, as this specific one missed out on the best photo opportunity with a stag standing right behind him.

He had his video camera lens facing the wrong way! It seemed he was entirely unaware of the impressive stag standing right behind him in Busy Park, west London.

The professional photographer was in no doubt kicking himself for losing out on the ‘money shot’ after being as well immersed in something else in the distance.

The photos in this post were taken by Roger Clark, a keen wild animals photographer that was out looking for red deer to photograph.

” We hadn’t covered the red deer breeding period this year and with rutting proceeding we thought we would certainly attempt our good luck,” said Roger.

He proceeded: “We identified a male with an electronic camera installed on a tripod intently concentrated on some deer task in the brushes before him not aware of the large pet behind him.”

” Provided the angle, I was placed, it looked like the stag was nuzzled approximately pick a pocket from his denims so I took an image as it looked amusing.”

” Yet it was quite strange that a wild animal would certainly be so close without being noticed.”

” A couple of secs later on the deer withdrawed as well as with those big beautiful shiny eyes seemed to look at the digital photographer and also state ‘your version is right behind you! Am I not good enough for you?”

” The professional photographer never ever did realize the chance he missed as well as the red deer and also I collectively quit and wandered off in different directions.”

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