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German Shepherd Found Alive After Being Lost At Sea For 5 Weeks

Meet Luna, a real-life canine castaway that was reunited with her proprietor after being lost at sea for an entire 5 weeks!

The German shepherd x husky mix went missing out on off the coastline of San Diego, California after she fell off a fishing boat while with her human Nick Haworth.

Nick together with a navy staff invested days looking for Luna around the St Clemente Island area after reporting her loss, however this was to no avail.

However, Luna was presumed to have actually drowned.

5 weeks later on, personnel at the St Clemente Island’s Naval Accessory Landing Field spotted a dog remaining on the side of the roadway as they showed up for job.

This really did not appear right as no domestic animals were enables on the island, it turns out this had not been any kind of old stray, it was Luna!

Sandy DeMunnik, a Navy public events police officer stated, “She was just sitting there wagging her tail.”

It appeared like Luna had actually handled to swim to coast and has been living off rodents as well as dead fish up until she was conserved.
In spite of being a little malnourished, Luna was healthy and also not injured.

Luna was flown right to Colorado where Luna will certainly be collected by her human Nick’s friend who will certainly take care of her till Nick is back from his journeys.

Luna was even given a new dog tag from the Navy, it reads ‘For Luna, keep the faith.’

Look into the complete video below:

What an amazing story!

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