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Heartwarming moment polar bear cub appears to wave to photographer in Alaska

This is the cute minute a pair of polar bear cubs appear to say ‘hi’ to the group of people that were shooting them, by waving straight to the cam. The lovely scene was caught on cam by Laura Keene, a 57-year-old amateur professional photographer, on Barrier Islands in Alaska.

Though the unbelievable snap show the one-year-old cubs showing up to swing to the electronic camera, the story behind it discusses what actually took place. As it turned out, the bears– a women and her 2 cubs– were actually seen another polar bear household much behind. So the youngsters stood on their back legs to better notice what was taking place.

” It was such an unique minute for me as a professional photographer when I saw that wave activity, Laura who works as a clinical pharmacist, said. “Though intellectually I understood it was simply the cub transferring to maintain his balance as he stood upright, I pushed the shutter desperately really hoping that I can record that scene in focus as our boat rocked as well as retreated.”

Both polar bear households got alerted by an enormous male they’ve been found oversleeping the area. So the mommy ended up being extremely cautious as the men are exceptionally aggressive with the cubs.

” That day, our bear overview Ketil Reitan checked the islands and noticed 2 families of bears, each with a mum as well as 2 cubs,” Laura explained. “From a distance he can see uncommon behavior, the mom bears were occasionally standing.

” He navigated the watercraft to the area as well as when we arrived he saw the factor– there was a massive man polar bear sleeping nearby.”

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