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Sweet pit bull found tied to a tree with note in the middle of park

A wonderful pittie got a second opportunity, after her proprietors chose to gave up on her. She was linked to a tree in the middle of a park in Brooklyn, with a note beside her. Fortunately, a kindhearted man found the pet in the nick of time as well as rescued her!

Eric Maus, a 28-year-old man from Prospect Lefferts Gardens, was walking two pet dogs he’s been taking care of, through the park, when came noticed Mamas– a 7-year-old pit bull, chained up to a tree. Eric initially searched for the canine’s owners, however there was no indicator of any individual. When he got closer, he was stunned to see a note hanged from the tree. The pet was equally as pleasant and also wonderful as substantial she was, so Eric immediately approached her.

” I was strolling Gouda as well as Lily with the park, when I saw this really large, chubby pit bull tied to the tree,” Eric clarified for The Dodo. “I browsed as well as I called out to her, ‘Hey, where’s your owner?’ She was being so pleasant therefore mild. She was just laying there, tongue out, so cute.”

From the note he found alongside the dog, Eric discovered her name was Mamas and she was 7-year-old, followed by the message: “Take me residence. I’m a terrific pet. Don’t let my dimension scare you. I’m wonderful.” It is when Eric recognized he webcam across a deserted pet dog and he had to do something, yet he had no suggestion from where to begin. However, he was determined to assist Mamas.

Inspired, Eric grabbed a couple of pictures of the canine and also shared them with his neighbors on a Facebook group. Thankfully, within mins, one of them rushed to aid Eric. So they have actually taken Mamas to Sean Casey Pet Rescue– a shelter in Windsor Balcony.

” I didn’t understand what to do, however I intended to help her,” the kind boy claimed. “A canine should not be alone in the park like that, specifically consolidated a steel chain. I felt I needed to do something.”

Though dried, Mamas looked so delighted when she came to the rescue facility. She simply felt she remained in good hands, and also the most vital, she was so relieved to be out of that park. Once she’ll pass all the medical examinations, Mamas will certainly prepare to get embraced. Eric, the man who conserved her, hopes she’ll locate a caring family members, equally as she is.

[She’s] a total sweetie, with big brownish doe-y eyes,” he said. “She’s just a delighted canine.”

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