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Golden Retriever puppies experience snow for the first time

2 Golden Retrievers have the sweetest reaction when they see snow for the very first time!

After a heavy snow tornado left Lisa and Rusty Hanafin’s backyard covered by 3 feet of snow, the couple’s two young puppies had the time of their life when experienced the chilly stuff for the first time. The 8-month-old Harry Winston and Louis Vuitton were preparing yourself for their morning regimen, but they quickly understood their play ground looks completely various.

The Hanafins had no idea how their dogs would certainly respond when seeing snow for the very first time, so they chose to capture the minute on camera. As 60-year-old Rusty is preparing to leave them out, both puppies are eagerly waiting before the door. Once their papa opens it, they just jump in the sea of snow as well as their moment will certainly melt your heart.

” It was terrific to see them play in the snow,” 54-year-old Lisa told MailOnline. “When they headed out and also it was falling they were seeking out trying to capture it in their mouths– it was fantastic.” Harry as well as Louis couldn’t get enough of the snow as well as they intended to stay outside as well as enjoy the substantial soft cushion for life. It took a “bag of hotdogs to get them to come in,” their mother admits.

Rusty, who saw amused as his pups are satisfying the moment, said: “It was almost like snowy quicksand and also as quickly as they became aware that the snow wasn’t mosting likely to hurt them, it was the best thing they ‘d ever experienced. They had a fun time around.”

Enjoy the heartwarming scene bellow:

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