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Gardener is caught talking and snuggling with a white swan during working hours

It is well known that people tend to form great bonds with pets by treating them as another member of the family.

Dogs and cats being the preferred ones when choosing a pet with whom they will share for a long time throughout their lives.

However, there are those who go further and manage to make friends with some wild animals that, as strange as they may seem, form a great bond where love and complicity are the protagonists.

The man works at the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Madrid.

This is the story of Raúl Piru, a gardener who gained popularity by having a tender friendship with a beautiful white swan.

Raúl, who has been working at the complex for a year. And it must guarantee not only the well-being of the plants in Jardin de Los Frailes but also the animals that live there.

Since he started his work as a gardener, he has dedicated himself to winning the swan’s trust.

This beautiful friendship was revealed after Raúl’s wife captured the meeting between two beings so different. but willing to have a great bond.

After posting it on his Instagram account, he won the hearts of thousands of internet users around the world, who were touched by this friendship. In this regard, Raúl comments:

“Many mornings, patience, love, and that’s the result”.

Between hugs and touching moments, Raúl dedicates a great part of the day to pampering his new great friend. The latter lived alone by the lake until Raúl arrived to offer him company and make his days something different.

Apparently, the authorities at the complex are considering bringing a partner to the swan to live with him and start a new love story.

Every day Raul hugs and makes the swan feel that he is not alone.

Although all this time, Raul has taken it upon himself to offer him his friendship and let him know that he is not alone, the presence of a female swan may change their relationship.

Although his new life partner has not arrived in the garden, Raúl emphasizes that his friendship and feelings for the swan will always be the same.

The friendship between a pet and a person is often stronger and truer than that between humans.

Without a doubt, being sensitive and patient being led us to cultivate great friendships, even with those we believe to be impossible. Thank you for your infinite love and generosity.

I wish there were more beings with a heart willing to love animals so much.

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