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Genius raccoon asks for food by banging on a glass door with a rock

A hungry raccoon has developed an ingenious way to feed herself and her babies – by stealing pet cat food then knocking on the home owner’s glass door to demand a lot more.

Much to the resident’s surprise, the money grubbing animal developed a habit of using a rock to bang on the door when it wants much more food.

Recording its risky practices on electronic camera, she disclosed she had actually nicknamed it Rocksy and despite the raccoon having actually scratched her glass, said she appreciated it.

In the video, the home owner is heard narrating while filming the raccoon on her porch as it bangs on her window for numerous minutes.

Holding a little stone in its paws, it extends onto its back feet as well as using its front paws, repeatedly hits the glass with the rock.

The narrator says: ‘A person is knocking at the door, that could it be? Is it Rocksy? Is the feline food bowl empty once more?

‘ This raccoon that I’ve called Rocksy steals pet cat food when the dish’s vacant, she obtains a rock as well as knocks on my door and it’s scraped all the way throughout.

‘ This raccoon splits me up, as well as she’s nursing – she’s obtained babies.’

She adds: ‘Even if you see a raccoon out in the day, it does not suggest it has rabies, that is such a myth, typically it’s a nursing mom raccoon out attempting to obtain food for her infants.

‘ I enjoy her so much, she’s so amusing. She does this constantly. She’s so efficient it too.’


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