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First publicly released video tape of the little known African Golden Cat

The African Golden Cat is an extremely reclusive pet and also little has actually been learnt about it’s actions in the past.

It lives in the rainforests of central and western Africa as well as likes the dense woodland areas with thick understory where it can stay undetected. It also tends to situate near rivers.

It is a small wild cat only about twice the size of the domesticated cat weighing in at an average of 28lbs. Although their lifespan is unidentified in the wild, in bondage they can measure up to about 12 years.

The African Golden Feline is a solitary animal and they are additionally nighttime. However, depending upon the schedule of regional target they have also been seen hunting during the day.

Although they are rather active and also can climb most of their hunting is done on the ground. They hunt as well as feed primarily on rodents, however they will certainly additionally consume birds, bats, small apes, gigantic woodland hogs and tiny antelope. If wild video game is scarce they have additionally been understood to victimize domestic chicken and also livestock.

Since they are so reclusive they have only been recorded in still images in the past or when one was located deceased. Their actions has not been examined a lot in all. Lately a camera was set up by the organization Panthera and rare video was taken of the African Golden cat grooming and searching in the jungle of Gabon.

This is believed to be the first publicly launched video of this wild feline. Due To The Fact That the African Golden Feline is on the brink of coming to be threatened, Panthera is really hoping that this will certainly spur more interest in researching this stunning but evasive pet cat.

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