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Kangaroo Offers Handshake To Men That Saved It From Freezing Lake

What a wonderful method for this pet to thank its r3scuers.

According to Daily Mail Australia, David Boyd was the man who detected a kangaroo in Lake Burley Griffin in Canberaa.

He might see that the water was freezing rapidly and the kangaroo was unable to get out.

Fortunately, a set of brave onlookers required to the icy waters to obtain the roo back ashore.

They took care not to stun the kangaroo as they came close to, however as they connected to the animal it started to flail its arms.

Undeterred, they got hold of the kangaroo and also assisted it back to security.

A third man involved aid with raising it out of the lake and also gave convenience to the animal as it was scared and also shivering.

Kangaroos can potentially threaten if they see someone as a hazard, however this seemed to have an understanding that the men wished to help.

Watch the heartwarming video:

Heartwarmingly, the pet held his paw out, as if providing a handshake.

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