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Husky Born Without Paws Who Is Now The Happiest Pup In A Wheelchair

Occasionally Maya could appear like a normal Siberian husky pup, however she is quite an unique one.

This three-year-old from Thailand was birthed with no paws on her legs so the strolling was an impossible job.

Maya also had troubles with her hips. She was unable to even mean more than couple of minutes. It looked like life isn’t going to be simple for this dog.


But then Kit, her existing owner, entered into Maya’s life. “During that time I was looking for a puppy when I discovered a facebook post from a sanctuary that there is a puppy up for fostering.

It was stated that she had congenital abnormalities, no paws on all four legs”- Set informed Bored Panda. And also she knew that this puppy is deserving a chance.

Kit tells that initially, it was tough, however she won’t change this experience for anything. She calls Maya “frisky and solid” as well as told that this attractive husky “likes to play with a round, spend time with her pup buddy Mamon and likes sleeping”.

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