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Adorable pictures show gentle lion’s friendship with a butterfly

It’s not the kind of friendship you expect to see out in the African shrub.

But this mild lion was spotted making close friends with a delicate butterfly at a wildlife park in Botswana.The brave butterfly dives in and also arrive on the lion’s paw as he washes himself in the afternoon sunlight and the lion seems extremely affixed to his new pal.

The adorable pictures were recorded by Kobus Swart, 46, from Pretoria, South Africa, while on a camping vacation with his other half and also some friends.He said: “The lion was active with an extensive brushing session, cleaning himself from top to bottom.

“At one phase while he was licking his paw this butterfly arrived on his paw, most likely looking for some wetness.

“He had been fluttering around the lion for a few mins, and seemed to be seeking a possibility to land someplace safe on the lion.”It was just there for a couple of minutes the lion simply considered it intensely, he could have eaten it with one fast bite. “When it flew away he in fact seemed to be disturbed, it resembles they formed a truly charming friendship.



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