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Man Returns To Ad0pt The Dog He R3scued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier

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Pit Bull Young Puppy Saved From The Brink Of Fatality Reunites With His Rescuer, Then Gets The Very Best Shock! (With Updates).

Joey Wagner, an aquatic from Nova Scotia, went above and past the call of responsibility when he saved a Pit Bull pup that was at the verge of death. Wagner found the mange-infested puppy as well as acted rapidly! He brought him to the veterinarian for prompt care. The good news is, his quick reasoning saved the pup’s life. The clinical team called the dog Mojo due to his luck in life.

The medical group didn’t want Mojo to be adopted out typically. So, they normally reached out to somebody extremely special to see if he would open his residence to Mojo. It was evident that he had actually currently opened his heart …

When Wagner returned to the center to see his new pup, he was welcomed in a very special means. Mojo was beyond enjoyed see the man that saved him. There is No Question that he remembered Wagner and the choice to rejoin them was a genius one certainly!


Currently Mojo is three years old and doing terrific! He lives gladly with Wagner as well as his family and is a really satisfied kid. Rumor has it that he’s quite ruined (and also we are completely on board with that!).

Complete Grown Therefore HANDSOME!

See their remarkable get-together right here!

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